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An Ode To Langa Music By Abid Khan And Group

Though the magic and thrill of Perspective Richter 10 came to an end on 20th January with the soulful performance of Ankit Tiwari at Somnium, the three days of this national level cultural and management fest had some events that are sure to remain in the memories of the spectators for a long time. Today, we bring the story of one such event which restored our faith in folk music and the rich culture of India- Aavartan, the Cultural Night of PR10, featuring Abid Khan and group. This talented group of musicians and singers brought on stage Langa music, a folk music from the land of deserts, palaces and history- Rajasthan.

Langa is a hereditary community in Rajasthan that makes its living by doing what they are best at- music. What seemed to be a dying art is now becoming internationally renowned, thanks to Abid Khan and Group, who perform at both national as well as international events and take Rajasthani folk music to new heights with every performance.

Institute of Management Nirma University was fortunate to have them perform at Aavartan- the Cultural Night of Perspective Richter 10- the annual Cultural and Management Fest of the institute. Throughout their one hour of performance, this group connected with each and every person sitting in the auditorium an by the time they finished everyone had goosebumps. Combining the richness of folk music with modern day songs, Abid Khan and group gave the spectators an evening to remember.














But there is more to the scintillating performance that this group gave. In today?s age, when our rich Indian culture is dying, this group of young men is trying to revive the art of their community. Not only that, they are even taking it at a global level and making their Langa music famous. Coming from small towns, with extremely low levels of literacy, no financial backing and a history of harassment, Abid Khan and group is changing the face of their community.

The journey was not easy. From selling their art for almost free, their fate changed when they stood second in Sony Television?s show, ?Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega?. From then, there has been no looking back for this talented group. This might not have been possible without the assistance of a group of people who are encouraging and supporting local talent to give them recognition and the respect of being artists. Not only the local talent is being supported, but efforts are being made to improve their lives both educationally as well as financially. This very local talent, no matter how small or big, is what differentiates Indian culture from the rest of the world, making it more vibrant and rich.

This is the story of Abid Khan and group. Their performance at Perspective Richter made us realize how beautiful folk music is, and made us look forward to more such performances by local artists who are striving to revive the art that is lost somewhere in the course of development.