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Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership

Architecture and Design Library are members of following Institutes/ Organization/ Networks:

The AICTE and DELNET (Developing Library Network) have signed an MOU to get libraries of technical Institutes/University Departments as approved by AICTE networked DELNET. All the AICTE approved technical institutions will be connected each other by Network and able to share all resources and students and faculty staff will get necessary latest information from all Technical Institutions.   An Institutional member of AICTE-DELNET MOU will get many benefits to name a few like Reference services, Inter Library Loan, Document Delivery Services, Technology transfer, Institutional Promotion through Internet.  It provides access to more than one million documents, books, journals, articles, CD-ROMs, Video-Recordings, Sound Recordings etc with locations data, maintains efficient document delivery service.
(Campus Access)

IAP Library has taken up an Institutional Membership of CEPT University Library, Ahmedabad. CEPT library houses more than 46,000 resources which include books, bound volumes of journals, theses, students? reports etc. The library collection covers subjects like Architecture, Art, History and civilization, Urban design, Landscape design, Interior design, Furniture design, Graphics, Textile design, Computer aided design, Building Science, Structural   design, Earthquake Engineering, Construction planning and management, Urban and regional planning, Housing, Environmental planning, Transportation, Remote sensing, GIS, Economics, Sociology, Economic planning etc. More than 150 national and international periodicals are subscribed to keep the users updated with the trends in the field. CEPT library has a unique collection of drawings, prepared by students during their academic programs. More than 4500 drawings are available in the library. This collection attracts national and international visitors.

An institutional member will get 3 Library Identity Cards on which we can borrow 3 books. For that they have to issue library Card at the circulation counter IAP Library.

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