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The Entrepreneurship Panel – Pratidhwani 2018

The speakers for this session were: Mr. Mohit Mangal, Mr. Anay Mashruwala and Mr. Ateet Bajaj.

Mr. Anay Mashruwala, Coach of Innovation and Incubation Centre/ Partner ? Head of Marketing at PDPU/Venus Engg. Works was the first speaker for the Panel. He started his session by interacting with the audience and throwing various questions at them. He was of the thought that the first step towards success is taking risks and bearing the brunt of the results and consequences. Also he shared that whether it is Idea Generation or Idea Implementation, the thing that stands common is the mindset.

Mr. Mohit MangalMD and CEO at iQUe Ideas Pvt. Ltd. was the second speaker of the panel. His important message to the budding entrepreneurs was that even if your idea or business fails 1000 times, it?s not the end of the world; rather it can be multiple new beginnings. He believes, ?There is no way one can ensure success or a way to reach a particular goal?.  He concluded the speech by suggesting that it is better to practice one trick 1000 times rather than trying 1000 tricks at the same time.

Mr. Ateet Bajajfounder at was the final speaker of the panel. He suggested that it is important to identify your priorities and objectives before starting any business. In addition to that, it is important to do proper research on the idea and the resources and other factors to achieve the objectives. He also said that the decision of quitting or stopping depends on the individual. Summing it up he stated, ?You do not want to die fighting a particular battle because life is a long war?.