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The Operations Panel- Pratidhwani 2018

The speakers for the operations panel were: Mr. Deepak Acharya, Mr. Lalit Sharma, Mrs. Neha Gupta

The first speaker for the Operations Panel was  Mr. Deepak Acharya, COO, Inox India. He began the session by talking about his experiences in Inox and how different ideas were implemented in the organisation. He took an example of the space sector as to how every time 200 Russian Engineers had to be called as India had no launch pad. He then further deliberated that it cost 1000 crores to build a launch pad and when the decision was taken to create one, Inox was one of the companies involved. He spoke about liquid nitrogen and also mentioned the development of LNG Fuel tanks for buses and trucks. ?In India, 3 lakh buses and trucks are produced yearly and the Government is pushing for conversion of Diesel to LNG?, he stated. He also mentioned the developments in Inox as to how it started a line balancing system and now can deliver equipment in 6-8 weeks. He ended his discussion by sharing that the company has been divided into 45 zones and the concept of awards and small initiatives had been started so as to involve the employees.

Mr. Lalit Sharma, Head of Excellence (CRM) at Cybage was the next to address the audience. He discussed about the fact that it is important to target the right segment of customers. He was of the thought that exploration is necessary and also trial and error method holds and advantage for forecasting actual data. He said that for successful operation a dedicated team is necessary with the right kind of employees and updated technology.

Mrs. Neha GuptaAssociate Director at Flipkart was the last speaker for Operations panel. She talked about various ways to make a project successful and Idea Generation is a mixture of Quality and Quantity. She explained this with the help of a case study on Flipkart and explained the concept of Idea generation and Implementation with the help of four steps namely Idea Selection, Idea validation and Review, Idea POC and Review and Idea Implementation. She concluded the session with the breakthrough ideas that have  been successfully implemented by Flipkart.